Here at WhiteHat we have an incredible mission - to create a diverse group of future leaders. It’s an ambitious goal but we’ve got a brilliant team working together to create an outstanding alternative to university so we thought it was about time we introduced you to the amazing coaches we have delivering our apprenticeship programmes.  

Our coaches come from a range of backgrounds, we have former Teach Firsters (quite a few!), agency marketers, full stack developers, management consultants, and L&D professionals who’ve spent time at a range of global corporates and cool startups. None of our coaches were former assessors. Our approach is not to simply rework what has been done before in apprenticeships, but to build something radically different, that delights and develops our apprentices.

Lisa Carpenter, Data Analyst Coach

I fell in love with data and database design when I was choosing my A Levels and Oracle Academy (a data & SQL course) was offered as an alternative to General Studies. I snapped up that offer just to avoid General Studies and haven't looked back since! I've had fantastic opportunities to work in Insight delivery with some great clients over my career - Sky, The Sun & The Times, Mars, GSK and Lucozade & Ribena to name just some of my favourites! Most recently I worked with Deloitte Forensic Data Analytics and had the opportunity to lead teams in undertaking some juicy data investigations.

While working for Deloitte, I felt there was room for improvement in how new Data Analysts were upskilled in this area. This led me to WhiteHat where I felt so aligned to their mission and their blended and applied approach to learning. They recognise that developing into a brilliant data analyst is about more than just learning SQL and other tech skills.

What I like about working at WhiteHat

Where to begin! WhiteHat is unique in that while like any other companies it claims to be mission driven - it actually truly lives and breathes the mission and our values every step of the way. It feels incredible to be working with an organisation that is so driven in giving young people amazing opportunities.

I love coaching the data fellowship students - they are all amazing and inspiring, I feel like I learn just as much from them! Watching students work their way through a challenge and gain new understanding and knowledge is such a satisfying feeling.

I also love how our social culture is incredibly inclusive - from our weekly fun quizzes, lively slack channels, participation in London Pride Parade to regular sporting socials.

Fun Fact

Due to a minor spinal injury I've got no feeling in the lower portions of my right leg and foot. Super random but it doesn't affect my life at all!

Bernard Mordan, Software Engineering Coach

I’m a graduate of Makers Academy, and I've worked as a freelance web developer at, and at the Home Office as a Senior NodeJS Developer.

What I like about working at WhiteHat
I love to write code and everything I do at WhiteHat, and everything I have to offer, begins with that passion.

Coaching at WhiteHat brings me into contact with some remarkable and surprising young people wanting to enter the world of software engineering. Plus, I get a feel of what it is like working at some of the amazing companies we work with from the inside as I guide apprentices on their 18 month mission.

I love the creativity of teaching and learning, and believe we offer contemporary and inspiring training in partnership with Flatiron School.

Fun Fact

Perhaps trivial to some but learning to "track stand" on my bicycle remains one of my most satisfying life accomplishments to date.

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